This is statutory in accordance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990. Non-statutory audit we offer includes Value for money audit (VFM), the client’s Management may further require review of internal controls, internal audit assistance and Investigations. The firm had been co-opted as joint auditors to inject diverse competencies for the purpose of enhancing the quality of some audit assignments in recent time.

Benefit of Audit

Aside from the statutory requirement of conducting statutory audit, the following benefits are easily derivable from the conduct of the exercise:

  • Audit enables review of the client’s system by independent professional Accountant and Report of the weaknesses where such is expedient.
  • It enables provision of other valuable advice to client management on future business development.
  • Audit service in most cases discourages attempt at fraud and other irregularities in the client business.
  • It gives credence to financial statements when required by bank and other users of financial information.
  • It provides reliable information on past business performance and profitability to prospective investor for relevant financial projection.
  • Audited financial statements are acceptable to Federal Board Inland Revenue (FBIR) for tax computation and other government agencies.
  • Interest of other owners who may not necessarily be part of the management of the Business is fairly protected.

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