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Management and Financial Consultancy


Management and Financial Consultancy

It is our firm’s believe and desire to offer our clients advice resulting from our observations in the course of our audit. Such advice involves safeguarding their assets and ensuring a close and effective monitoring of their liabilities.

This is easily achieved through the employment of financial ratios and discernable trends in a review of our client’s performances with the view of timely and efficient intervention to avert over and under-trading with its associated consequences.

  • We may be called upon to prepare bankable documents for our client where such are required in the quest for external funding and appraisal documents where choices are to be made domestically.
  • We also prepare budget and budgetary controls to facilitate reviewing periodically (quarterly or bi-annually) the finance and performance by comparing it with the budget and reporting thereon.

These and other similar engagements including the following could be carried out as requested in earnest.

  1. Financial Management

    • Cost Control Studies
    • Design and review of costing system
    • Overheads and cost reduction, management and control
    • Business Plan, Business appraisal and feasibilities studies
    • Financial training and development
    • Strategic financial planning and control
    • Treasury management services inclusive of facilities restructuring and bank COT review
  2. Human Resources Management
    • Organization studies and design
    • Management structure reviews
    • Personnel audit and personnel system review
    • Manpower planning, development and training
    • Job evaluation and grading structure
    • Performance appraisal system
  3. Business Advisory services
    • Resuscitation and management of ailing business
    • Optimal source of finance for business development
    • Profit management- cost reduction / revenue improvement services
    • Business registration and planning
    • Receiverships and liquidation services
    • Business process re-engineering

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