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Public Revenue and Tax Administration


Public Revenue and Tax Administration

This is often referred to as Revenue Generation Programme (RGP) for either State or Local Governments, covering Revenue generation and Tax administration. It is a computer-based programme to monitor range of public revenue and Tax Administration. This often includes inter-alia:

Computer Aided enumeration of Taxpayers:

  • Production of comprehensive computerized master register of Taxpayers covering individuals, businesses, corporate organizations, land-holding properties etc.
  • Direct Bank lodgments system (DBLS)
  • Identification of New Taxes and Tax sources (Expansion of Tax Base)
  • Statutory tax audit, monitoring, verification, and collection
  • Designing organization structure for tax administration
  • Staff training in all the foregoing aspects of Tax Administration.
  • Organizing seminars for individual and corporate taxpayers on all aspects of Tax system in operation and their role in effective implementation
  • Other classes of tax and public revenue impacting on both local and state government’s internal revenue capabilities.

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