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Tax and Tax Consultancy


Tax and Tax Consultancy

It is our philosophy that the tax implication of all decisions by the management should be identified before decisions are taken. This is referred to as Tax planning and we strongly advise our clients to talk to us before these decisions are taken to save money and avoid needless complications.

We also prepare, file and defend our client’s annual tax returns with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FBIR), for the purpose of obtaining Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) and follow up of withholding tax invoices collection for Company Income tax rebate. We also take up Personnel Tax matters with State Board of Internal Revenue Service (SBIR) as the need arises for our Clients.

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The firm was established to provide wide range of business, financial, tax, consultancy, training and advisory services to small, medium and large scale business organizations operating in the public and private sector of the Nigerian economy.

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